If you’re a hang-glider pilot thinking of coming to fly or spend a few days at Fly Ranch, here are some things you should know:

There are NO mountains at Fly Ranch! So, we fly by aerotowing – we have two Dragonfly tow planes.

If you have never flown by aerotow before, or if you don’t have an aerotow licence, you should do conversion training, flying in tandem with an instructor, where they’ll teach you the technique and the secrets of aerotowing. The number of flights will depend on your experience and how comfortable you feel with the system.

Getting there:

Fly Ranch is located in the province of Buenos Aires, 80km from Ezeiza (Ministro Pistarini) International Airport. It is near the city of La Plata and 65km from Buenos Aires capital city (Capital Federal).

It is very easy to get to, as it’s just 500 meters from the National Route 2 (Ruta 2), one of the main highways in Argentina.

However, it’s not easy to get to if you don’t have your own transport – there is no public transport service passing Fly Ranch itself.

We advise you to call us before the day you want to fly, or before you arrive at the airport with your flying gear – that way we can take care of organising your transfer to and from Fly Ranch.

Where to Sleep:

If you enjoy the outdoor life, away from noise, Fly Ranch has a camping area where you can stay. You’ll have basic amenities there – toilets, showers, pool, electricity, kitchen, etc

The bar is only really open at the weekends but you can use the facilities to prepare your own food.

You can sleep in a tent, trailer or in shared rooms (see prices below).

If you want to sleep in a hotel, Fly Ranch is located near several cities with a very good variety of hotel accommodation.

Distance from nearby cities:

Buenos Aires capital city (Capital Federal):  65km (1 hour)

La Plata (center):  25km (40 minutes)

Brandsen:  15km (20 minutes)

Chascomús:  50km (45 minutes)

Ezeiza Airport:  80km (1.5 hours)


Spanish is the language used but most of the instructors can make themselves understood in English.

Open to Fly:

Fly Ranch is open at the weekends but if you’re thinking of staying a few days to fly during the week, we can organize for an instructor and tow pilot to be available every day.

Flying conditions:

Generally, it is flyable all year round but the best time of year for pilots seeking thermal flights is from November to March.

Flying conditions are smooth with wide thermals and depending on the time of year, it is usually a little windy.

There are large areas for landing – the flatlands give us the opportunity for different flight options, ideal for cross-country flying.


Gear for hire:

Hang-gliders for hire are limited to training gliders.  We have cocoon harnesses and full-face helmets for hire but we recommend you bring your own harness if you can, as we do not have a wide variety of sizes.


Hire of training glider (Wills Wing Falcon):  AR$ 1.000 per day

Harness:  AR$20 per day

Helmet:  AR$10 per day

Variometer:  AR$5 per day

Aerotow conversion training – tandem flight to 2000 feet:  AR$ 1.600 each.

Aerotow conversion training – tandem flight to 1000 feet:  AR$ 1.300 each.

Tow for pilots to 2000 feet:  AR$ 650

Tow for pilots to 1000 feet:  AR$ 450




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