Salt Lake County Government: Save Steep Mountain

Salt Lake County - Salvemos Steep Mountain

We are on the brink of losing one of Salt Lake County’s iconic land features.
It is a popular location for outdoor enthusiasts including mountain bikers, hikers, and runners, and it is a unique, world-renowned destination for hang glider and paraglider pilots.
Steep Mountain provides a rapidly-growing community and year-round visitors the opportunity to truly live “Life Elevated.”

Manfred Ruhmer, World Hang-Gliding Champion 2013


In a photo finish, just 20 points, second Ales Ploner, and third Antoine Boisselier.
Are there any pilots out there that have helped you become the pilot you are today?
Well, when I got to a good international level, there was Tomas Suchanek who gave me a hard time (in a positive sense) in competition. Especially in the important competitions (Europeans and Worlds) he was always just a bit better or luckier than me….

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