Who are we?

Fly Ranch Buenos Aires is a hang-gliding training centre located in the city of Mercedes at 110 Km de capital Federal – south of Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Fly Ranch accommodates pilots from all over the world who are seeking a good time – both in the air and on the ground. This place has a lot to offer! There is just one requirement before coming – you must be prepared to relax, enjoy yourself and have fun! Don’t worry if you speak a different language.


  • Tandem flights in a hang-glider with experienced pilots..
  • Tandem flights in an ultralight with experienced pilots.
  • Tandem flights in a trike (motorised hang-glider).
  • For the more experienced, tows by the Dragonfly ultralight.
  • For novices, aerotow flying clinics.
  • Flight shop, where you can buy flying gear.
  • Restaurant, bar and large function room.
  • Swimming pool next to the runway, camping area with BBQ grill.
  • Native woodland area, BBQ, music, etc.

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